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Promotional Posting w/ Hashtag Web3

Hashtag Web3 runs one of the largest community-backed job boards globally. We got more than 55 million views on our postings in the last 1 year. We have a global community of 100,000+ web3 professionals, making us one of the largest networking communities in the world.
  • Our weekly twitter space sessions (with guests like the Band Member of Pink Floyd, Partners of EY, Father of Digital Twin, CSO of Microsoft, etc.) were attended by 20-40k live listeners.
  • Our Linkedin got 26 Million views last month + 13,000 newsletter subscribers.
  • Our Telegram channel has 35,000 subscribers (channel) and 16,000 members (group). Our Whatsapp communities have 22,000 members.

Members include:
Partners of Big4 companies, Co-Founder - Boba Labs, COO - WalletConnect, Founder - CoinDCX, Executives from JP Morgan, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Microsoft, BCG, Polygon, Trust Wallet, Kucoin, XT, Sui, Worldcoin, Gemini, Coinbase, etc.
Estimated geographical distribution:
30% Europe
30% Asia
15% Africa
15% North America
5% South America
5% Australia
Estimated Role-based distribution:
  • Business Development (22%)
  • Engineering (22%)
  • Marketing (15%)
  • Operations (10%)
  • Finance (10%)
  • Human Resources (10%)
  • Others (10%)

Two types of promotion can be done: One-time (one posting) and Regular (multiple postings in a month)
  • For Regular Promotion plan (payable monthly or weekly): A set of topics will be decided at the start and well-researched article will be published on those topics in our newsletter. The same will be promoted in all of our community channels. Alternatively, these articles can also be published on the sponsor company’s website and the link can be shared instead so that the company may receive the traffic directly. All the below options apply to this.
  • For One-Time Promotion: This will be done by announcing the sponsor company as a partner along with an offer that shows an exclusive offering for our community members.
    • For the newsletter (13,000 subscribers with 5700 average views per issue), we’ll release an issue covering the relevant subject of the sponsor company and include the sponsor company’s example as a case study or a mention of the company can be made in a highlighted section within the article, promoting the company.
    • The posting on our Telegram group (16,000+ members):, about the partnership, will be shared under the announcement topic. The posting will be pinned so the members will get a notification about it.
    • Posting on our Telegram channel (36,000+ subscribers): is expected to receive anywhere between 6000 - 10,000 views
    • A message announcing our partnership will be shared on all our regional Whatsapp groups, with a total strength of around 23,000 members.
    • A linkedin post will be made from our company page (24,000 followers):
Note: The intent to participate in any posting in any way whatsoever is purely up to the interest of the members. Our task is only to share the information but the final decision to engage with any content or offering is purely up to the respective individual. Our promotional offering does not promise any number of clicks or sales or any such associated or similar metric in any form.
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Some of our partners include:

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Case Study 1: Obortech

Article publication with the promotion of Obortech as a case study:
Results after a week:
A linkedin announcement was made for our new newsletter issue that included the case study for Obortech. The announcement post got 925 likes and 23,000 impressions.
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The telegram post got 5700 views and 22 shares.
notion image
The posting was pinned & notified on our Telegram group with around 16,000 members:
notion image
The Twitter posting got around 12,000 views:
notion image
A similar posting was made on all of our regional Whatsapp groups, as shown below:
Total members reached: 23,000
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notion image
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Case Study 2: Promotional posting for Osmos - Networking tool for Web3 professionals

notion image
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Case Study 3: Demo Day with Onepiece Labs & Sei

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We joined them as a community partner and promoted the event in our community and social media channels.
Announcement text:
HashtagWeb3 joins forces with OnePiece Labs & Sei Network for Web3 Demo Day 2023
Join us next week as we showcase 10 carefully selected startups (from over 200 projects) that are marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 technology.
Startup details + RSVP link here:
  • Posted on all of our regional whatsapp groups with 23,000+ members

Testimonials/ Reviews:

Client: Scallop
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Client: Joba Network
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Beyond networking and job seeking, we facilitate educational initiatives, workshops, and events focused on important topics like blockchain scalability, crypto regulations, DAO governance, and the future of the open metaverse.